Do you long to create a level five leadership team?

Level five leaders know how to build teams of leaders who in turn, build even more leadership within the organization. Level five leaders understand that the true fruits of leadership grow on other people's trees. If you are interested in developing level five leadership for yourself and expanding the leadership capacity of your executive team, then here are a few more questions you should consider.


Is your executive team stuck working like technical managers instead of general managers?

While technical expertise is critical for front line leaders, an emphasis on technical skills at the expense of relational and conceptual skills will derail the growth of your leadership team.

Does your leadership team know their co-workers perceptions of them?

Getting honest feedback is increasingly difficult for leaders as their authority increases, yet it is essential for healthy decision making. Information "mishandlers" abound, so you need systems for getting good data for your leadership team.

Does your leadership team know how to lead with values?

When you are clear on your organization's values, they become a compass for your leadership team. Values-clarity provides decision making clarity for hiring, firing, promotions, and strategic planning. 

Do you know how to create a healthier organization?

The fewer blind spots and the less hidden information in an organization, the greater its chance for healthy leadership.

Does your leadership development program provide measurable results?

For a leadership development program to be worth the investment, it must provide results that are both measurable and sustainable. Also, you need to know how to measure the right variables.


Together, we can improve the leadership capacity of your executive team and the overall health of your organization with measurable results. Requesting your free consultation could be the best decision you've made in a while. Let's talk and see how Influence Coaching can expand your influence.

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I enthusiastically recommend the services of Dr. Stan Ward. We have used Dr. Ward to transform our executives into impact leaders who in-turn build top-performing teams who reach beyond their comfort zones to consistently deliver extraordinary results.
— James Mulato, 2013 Outstanding Technology CEO – EADS North America Test and Services Orange County Tech Alliance High-Tech Innovation Awards October, 2013. 2014 Top Work Places in Orange County – Astronics Test Systems, Irvine, CA Orange County Register December 4, 2014.
From the perspective of having been at the receiving end of Dr. Ward’s coaching, there is no other comparable alternative to consider.
— Matthew J. Lancaster, Business Attorney
The value of our [coaching] sessions was a lot more than just what I learned . . . It also gave me a way to pay it forward by passing on some of the concepts to my co-workers, direct staff and even in my personal life.
— Ted Baker, Director of Operations

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