Be confident about what you accomplished today

Do you ever second-guess the way you managed your time today? Because of my conscientious personality, I often find myself thinking "I could/should have done more/different [fill in the blank] today." 

One tool I've developed for both myself and my coaching clients is a Work Journal. If you will invest just five minutes a day in planning and evaluating your work with this tool for 30 days, you will see improvement in both your confidence about the work you accomplished, and in your leadership effectiveness.

Best of all, the journal is a process that you can use, and not a specific product for you to buy. You can keep your work journal on your computer screen, a 3x5 index card, a sticky note, or in a fancy Moleskine journal.

Watch this slide-share and you can start using a work journal today.

Leadership Fundamentals: Situational Leadership

Leadership Fundamentals: Situational Leadership

The problem with having  PhD in leadership studies is that sometimes I get so enamored with the latest developments in leadership that I forget about fundamental approaches. One of those fundamentals is the situational leadership model, which helps leaders with the fundamental dilemmas of managing both tasks and relationships.

When is emotional intelligence NOT a good thing?

In this 1998 Harvard Business Review article, Daniel Goleman made his case that emotional intelligence (EI) was a stronger predictor for leadership success than technical skill or cognitive intelligence alone.  Unfortunately, that same EI could also become a predictor for a person's success as a manipulator who would destroy a company for personal gain.