“How to Become an Impressive Leader — With or Without an Impressive Title” provides a 30 day introduction to intentional influence as a leadership model.

This 30 day e-course will help you:

  • Understand why effective leadership requires both intention and influence.
  • Understand that you can have both intention and influence in an organization, no matter what your formal title or authority level.
  • Develop a values-based leadership vision that is more than just a personal goal.*
  • Identify and develop key ally and advocate relationships necessary for effective influence.
  • Craft the strategy that will help you realize your leadership vision.
  • Understand the role of conflict in attempting any leadership vision.

You will receive six emails as part of this 30 day course, one email every five days. Each email will include:

  • A leadership concept for you to understand and apply during the next five days
  • Both a discussion and key idea summary of that concept
  • Action steps to help you implement the concept
  • Web links for additional resources to help you understand and apply the leadership concept

Learn to master the art of intentional influence and begin your journey toward becoming an impressive leader, no matter what your current title or authority.

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*Download this free handout today to identify and assess the core values that guide your leadership.